United Christ Church of India (UCCI) emerged with the vision of Christ Church Anglican, Phoenix, AZ (CCA). The very name we adopted UCCI is to remind ourselves that we are united in the Body of Christ and birthed by Christ Church Anglican.

Rev. Suresh K Gunti, an ordained minister in Church of South India (CSI) Hyderabad – India volunteered to this pioneering work. Thus, CCA sponsored Rev. Suresh to immigrate to Phoenix to reach and plant a church among Indian expats spread across valley. God blessed our efforts and enabled us to gather once a month thus our first worship service was held on August 5, 2012. Later in the year 2014 onwards started every Sunday worship service extending opportunity to accommodate other language groups of India.

Spirit of the Lord blessed our every effort and helped us to register our Church as an Arizona state Non-Profit corporation and obtained the status of 501 c 3 from IRS.

Diocese of Western Anglicans accepted us a member congregation in 2015. We function under the spiritual authority of Bishop in the Diocese of Western Anglicans (DWA) and the Archbishop of Anglican Church in North America (ACNA)

We are members hailing from Telugu speaking states of South India. Our church is a second home for every believer. We meet to seek and serve our Lord Jesus Christ through the worship services, Bible study and prayer cells. A place of spiritual nourishment, grow in the fellowship, spend time, and seek the kingdom of God. Though we started as Telugu Church, today we are a multicultural congregation in the valley. We have Telugu, Tamil and Hindi speaking believers attending worship service.

We always welcome all to participate at our worship service and experience the purpose of God in you.

Worship place:  Parish Hall , 5811 N 20th St, Phoenix, AZ 85016
Mailing Address: UCCI PO Box 2195, Chandler AZ 85244-2195

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