We as a body of Christ believe that we are called to be a community of Christ based on the biblical values that impact our desire to worship God and to serve fellow human beings. We seek to bring a transformation in life and empower to transcend barriers of religion, region, language, and culture through the Word of God and the Holy Sacraments.

We believe that we are called to reach out to the unchurched, to shepherd and lead the flock in the Way of Christ and nourish the flock with the Word and Sacramental ministry. The Indian Christian community pass through tremendous challenges in areas of culture, social, and spiritual life. Our ministry will helps to grow connection with the wider Christian community as well as to retain cultural roots.

We believe that the Bible is the inspired word of God, we proclaim our faith inherited through the ancient Church creedal statements. We worship in the power of the Holy Spirit, affirming the values of the Scripture, witnessing, and teaching the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Worship place:  Parish Hall, 5811 N 20th St, Phoenix, AZ 85016
Mailing Address: UCCI PO Box 2195, Chandler AZ 85244-2195

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